Hi Fintech Architects — This week we are reflecting on the year, and sharing 5 of the most significant and popular podcasts so far. These conversations…
Long Take: The right lessons from Terra's $40B collapseListen now (39 min) | Gm Fintech Architects — Today, we do the long take in conversation format, uploaded above and with illustrated transcript as the…
Hi Fintech futurists -- Welcome, dear reader, to our 2021 retrospective. If you haven’t yet, this is the last time to take advantage of our holiday…
We aren't sure that this is a good thing.
The Curve stablecoin is a beautiful machine of computational complexity
Hi Fintech Futurists — You’ve got this. Weather is bad, but you know what to do. Today’s agenda below. INSTITUTIONAL: Agreement with Singapore opens new…
Podcast Conversation: Adam Nash, Daffy CEO & former Wealthfront CEO, on using technology to improve people's financial livesListen now (43 min) | Hi Fintech Architects, Welcome back to our podcast series! For those that want to subscribe in your app of choice, you can now…
Condor Capital's Robo report surveyed performance across 30+ roboadvisors.
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