Fintech & Crypto Short Takes: $135MM Aspiration and $150MM Brex, Facebook/Shopify battle for SMBs, DTCC and Bank of France on blockchain

Hi Fintech Architects --

Welcome back to the subscribers-only letter! Here are the top updates hitting our radar:

  1. Aspiration, the LA-based fintech focused on conscious consumerism, raises $135 million (link here)

  2. Brex raises $150 million (link here)

  3. Plaid API Platform Gives Banks Access To Data Tools, 2,600 Apps (link here)

  4. Mortgage Bankers Association: 4.1 Million Home Loans In Forbearance (link here)

  5. Shopify Launches Debit, POS Credit Tools For Merchants (link here)

  6. Facebook Shops make it easy for businesses to set up a single online store for customers to access on both Facebook and Instagram (link here)

  7. France's central bank, Societe Generale 'successfully' test blockchain-based digital euro (link here)

  8. DTCC proposes tokenizing private securities on public Ethereum blockchain (link here)

  9. Largest Private Investment Bank in Latin America Issues Real Estate Tokens on Tezos (link here)

  10. Vise Raises $14.5M in Series A Funding (link here)

  11. Apple Glasses leak gives us a new name, price and moving-targ…

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