Short Takes: $30B Klarna valuation, Amazon crypto in Mexico, PayPal & Goldman Sachs roboadvisors, Cream/Alpha $37MM exploit; Binance Chain $24B volume; Rabobank to cut 5,000 jobs

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Here are the top news hitting our radar:

  1. PayPal Is Planning to Offer a Super App with Fintech Services like Crypto, Payments, Investing, Rewards Accessible via Common Interface (link here)

  2. Klarna’s valuation set to triple to $30bln, says report (link here)

  3. Goldman Sachs Targets ‘Mass Affluent’ with Affordable Robo-Advisor (link here) and Titan, a retail investment management platform aimed at millennials, closed on $12.5 million (link here)

  4. Robinhood’s pain is Public’s gain as VCs rush to give it more money (link here)

  5. Analysis of the Cream / Alpha Homora $37.5M exploit that took place recently (link here) and Alpha Homora V2 Post Mortem (link here)

  6. Amazon Preparing to Launch a ‘Digital Currency’ Project in Mexico (link here)

  7. Bank of New York Mellon to custody bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies (link here)

  8. Binance Smart Chain volume reaching $24 billion (link here)

  9. Web-based YIELD App looks to tackle DeFi's '…

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