Short Takes: Apple's personal financial management, Lemonade's $4B post IPO valuation, Goldman transaction banking, AAVE blockchain lending

Hi Fintech Architects --

Welcome back to the subscribers-only letter! Here are the top updates hitting our radar:

  1. Apple launches web portal for Apple Card, pay your bill and view statements online (link here)

  2. Softbank-backed Lemonade jumps 86% in $319 million U.S. debut (link here)

  3. Société Générale is acquiring freelancer challenger bank Shine (link here)

  4. Goldman takes on transaction banking (link here)

  5. KPMG: Evaluation of API and portal offers from French and international banks and financial institutions (link here)

  6. UK Report Claims Investment Crowdfunding Declined by 15% in Q2 but More Investors are Backing Early Stage Firms (link here)

  7. Aave launches new service for unsecured peer-to-peer loans on Ethereum (link here)

  8. Crypto social media platform Voice finally launches on EOS (link here)

  9. IMF Survey of Research on Retail Central Bank Digital Currency (link here) and Lithuania becomes first country to trial state-backed digital currency (link here)

  10. Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation on AI …

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