Short Takes: Buffett-backed Bank's $2B IPO; Reddit worth $10B; Football tokens crash exchange; Pelosi to revise US crypto tax definition; China favor science over big tech; Fintech continues to rise!

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Here are the top updates hitting our radar:

  1. Argentine fintech Ualá lands $350M at a $2.45B valuation in SoftBank, Tencent-led round (link here)

  2. A Buffett-backed Brazilian fintech firm is reportedly planning a $2 billion US IPO (link here)

  3. Fintech firm Klover announces $60 Million series A (link here)

  4. Upgrade gets $3.325 Billion valuation in $105 Million funding round (link here)

  5. Gemini acqui-hires DeFi platform Guesser to grow adoption of its GUSD stablecoin (link here)

  6. Members of Congress lobby Nancy Pelosi and others to amend crypto tax definition (link here)

  7. Reddit now valued at $10 Billion amid Ethereum token rewards push (link here)

  8. Ethereum data firm Dune Analytics raises $8M from Union Square, others (link here)

  9. Fenerbahçe’s Ethereum token rises 433% on launch, crashing crypto exchange (link here)

  10. China tech crackdown: Beijing’s soft touch on tax for Big Tech is set to end as it seeks more focus on scie…

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