Short Takes: Ethereum 2.0 collects $325MM in funds to launch, Affirm to IPO, Big raises (Current $131MM, Addepar $117MM, Chainalysis $100MM), Oranj to shut down, $30MM+ DeFi hacks

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Here are the top updates hitting our radar:

  1. Google Pay’s Massive Relaunch Makes It An All-Encompassing Money App (link here)

  2. Current Announces $131 Million in Series C funding; Surpasses 2 Million Members (link here)

  3. Starling becomes first challenger to make a profit with $110MM ARR (link here)

  4. Affirm files to go public (link here) and The Winners And Losers In The $24 Billion Buy Now, Pay Later Battle (link here)

  5. Bella is a new challenger bank with a text-based interface (link here)

  6. Ethereum 2.0 Deposit Contract Secures $325MM to Launch (link here)

  7. Over $30 million in DeFi Attacks: Flash Loans and Centralized Price Oracles (link here)

  8. Bitcoin Investigation Giant To Raise $100 Million At $1 Billion Valuation (link here)

  9. Top Japanese banks, companies to test private digital currency next year (link here)

  10. Advisor fintech firm Oranj closing at the end of 2020 (link here)

  11. WealthTech firm Addepar

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