Short Takes: Galaxy buys BitGo for $1B+; Paxos raises $300MM @$2.4B; Neobank Vivid Money raises $60MM; $13B staked to secure Eth2.0; AI tax software and avatar influencers

Hi Fintech Architects --

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Here are the top ones hitting our radar:

  1. German challenger Vivid Money raises EUR60m (link here)

  2. Kill the expense report: An $800 Million business that eliminates office busywork is considering an acquisition by

  3. Skew is joining Coinbase! (link here)

  4. Mastercard investing in smart contract tech to build on state-backed digital currencies (link here)

  5. Deutsche Boerse and Commerzbank invest in new digital asset venture (link here)

  6. Digital asset firm Paxos raises $300 Million, now valued at $2.4 Billion (link here)

  7. DeFi lending startup Notional Finance raises $10 million in Series A round (link here)

  8. US Bank will launch crypto custody, pending compliance tests (link here)

  9. There is now over 4 Million ETH locked in Ethereum 2.0 (link here)

  10. Report: Rebuilding financial services from the inside (link here)

  11. Miko & the world of virtual streaming (link here)

  12. Campfire raises $8 Million for MR headset system aimed a…

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