Short Takes: Stripe is now worth $95B; Starling valued at $1.9B after raising $376MM; BlockFi gets $350MM at $3B; a16z invests in NFT marketplace; FIS will pay off your student loans

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Here are the top ones hitting our radar:

  1. SoFi to acquire Golden Pacific Bancorp, gains Bank Charter to boost Fintech services (link here)

  2. UK challenger bank Starling raises $376M, now valued at $1.9B (link here)

  3. Fintech company FIS says it will pay off your student-loan debt if it hires you (link here)

  4. Stripe raises new capital, reaching $95 billion valuation ahead of highly anticipated market debut (link here)

  5. Wise is helping launch the Financial Technology Association (FTA) to educate stakeholders and advocate for modernized financial regulations that advance innovation, inclusion, and equity (link here and white paper here)

  6. a16z is investing in a top NFT marketplace as part of a wider crypto bet (link here)

  7. Chinese social media Weibo suspends Huobi, OKEx and Binance accounts (link here)

  8. The Whales of NBA Top Shot made a fortune buying LeBron highlights (link here)

  9. China’s blockchain ambitions set in stone…

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