Short takes: Tesla's $1.5B of Bitcoin treasury, $3.3B Payoneer SPAC, $3.4B Robinhood and $125MM Stash raises, China anti-monopoly fintech regulation, Apple's VR headset leak

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Here are the top news hitting our radar:

  1. China issues new anti-monopoly rules targeting its tech giants (link here)

  2. Stash raises $125m (link here)

  3. Robinhood raises $3.4 billion (link here) and Robinhood appears to be benefiting from the trading controversy, seeing record app downloads (link here)

  4. Tesla says it has bought $1.5 billion worth of bitcoin (link here)

  5. Central Bank of Nigeria bans banks from servicing crypto exchanges (link here)

  6. Visa announces crypto partnership with neobank focused on services for Black communities (link here)

  7. Axoni raises $31 million from Deutsche Bank, Intel Capital and more (link here)

  8. MetaMask Is Earning $200,000 a Day in Ethereum Token Swap Fees (link here) and There’s a New Way to Access Ethereum DeFi Apps From Your Phone (link here)

  9. EY to extend enterprise blockchain to China on ‘localized’ Ethereum via BSN(link here)

  10. Payment startup Payoneer to go public via $3.3 billion me…

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