Weekly Fintech & Crypto Analysis: Google Card leaked, Softbank $16B losses, $25MM DeFi hack, Motif shuts down, Stripe valued at $36B

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In small improvements, here’s an outline of today’s write up with links, and the analysis is below the fold. Libra and Ant Financial we already covered earlier this week.

  1. Leaked pics reveal Google smart debit card to rival Apple’s (link here)

  2. Trade Republic, a German Robinhood, raises $67M led by Accel and Founders Fund (link here)

  3. Investing Platform Motif to Shut Down (link here)

  4. U.S. loans shut down as funds empty out; impasse holds up program add-ons (link here), and Another $310 Billion Destined For Affected Businesses (link here)

  5. Stripe pockets $600M as business and consumer confidence plummets (link here)

  6. SoftBank’s Struggling Vision Fund On Track To Lose $16.5B (link here a…

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