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Dear readers of Digital Wealth Week — We are thrilled to welcome you to the Fintech Blueprint community! Our commitment continues to be to bring you the…
Cleo has raised $80MM in Series C funding at a $500MM valuation for their personal finance platform with over 4 million users.
Schwab profited by moving cash to an affiliate bank, loaning the money, and keeping the difference between the loan interest it received and the cash…
Delphia gets $60MM to collect your phone data and build a machine learning stock picking model for retail users
Insurance broker Acrisure announced a $725 million round in Series B-2 Preferred Equity, funding an aggregator model with $3.5B+ of revenue
The Robo Ranking was developed to provide granular analysis for the investment community of the products and services of robo-advice providers.
Tifin, a platform of investor personalisation software for advisors and asset managers with retail clients, raises a large round in a difficult…
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