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Our thesis is simple. Finance is being pulled apart by the forces of frontier technology. 

From artificial intelligence, to blockchain and crypto assets, to mixed reality, chatbots, neobanks, and robo advisors — the industry will never be the same. 

Its fee pools will collapse, attention platforms will aggregate users, the infrastructure will be digitized and decentralized, and generations will change.

But this doesn’t have to be confusing

At Fintech Blueprint we track developments across investing, payments, banking, lending, and capital markets. 

We cut through the noise to create and articulate a coherent blueprint for the future. We’ve spent a decade making sense of complexity to shape the future.

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What makes Fintech Blueprint unique?

The Blueprint is curated by Lex Sokolin and supported by a wonderful team of contributors. 

Lex has held multiple senior industry positions, including CEO, COO, and CMO at top-tier companies in the Fintech sector, and was Chief Economist at ConsenSys, the company behind MetaMask. 

He brings grounded experience that includes building companies in the space: 

  • a B2C roboadvisor (acquired in 2014), 

  • a B2B2C digital wealth management platform (raised $50MM+ by 2017), 

  • a Fintech equity research practice (acquired in 2019), 

  • a DeFi, digital asset, and financial services enterprise blockchain division.

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We built our free offering to create actionable insights in your life, and help make informed judgment calls on the things that matter in your journey. It’s what we would want starting out and trying to build a view in the industry 15 years ago.

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