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From artificial intelligence, to decentralized finance (DeFi), blockchain and crypto assets, to mixed reality, chatbots, neobanks, and roboadvisors — the finance industry will never be the same. Its fee pools are collapsing, big tech attention platforms are aggregating billions of users, infrastructure is digitized and permisionless, and generational attitudes and assumptions have changed.

But this doesn’t have to be confusing. There is a core logic to the vectors of change. The Fintech Blueprint tracks and articulates the reasons behind developments across payments, banking, lending, investing, and insurance. We’ve spent a decade making sense of the noise.

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An experienced take on what’s most important

The Blueprint is written and curated by Lex Sokolin and supported by a wonderful team of contributors. Lex brings grounded experience that combines building companies in the space — a B2C roboadvisor (acquired in 2014), a B2B2C digital wealth management platform (raised $50MM+ by 2017), a Fintech equity research practice (acquired in 2019), and most recently a DeFi, digital asset, and financial services enterprise blockchain division.

Nothing happens in isolation. Learn the mental models needed to operate at your peak, whether as an entrepreneur, investor, regulator, or senior executive.