Fintech Blueprint 🤖🏦🧭
Fintech Blueprint 🤖🏦🧭
Podcast Conversation: Origins of Metamask's 20 million Web3 users, with co-founder Dan Finlay

Podcast Conversation: Origins of Metamask's 20 million Web3 users, with co-founder Dan Finlay

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In this conversation, we chat with Daniel Finlay – a former Apple software developer, co-founder and co-lead developer on MetaMask – a non-custodial Ethereum wallet, allowing users to store Ether and other ERC-20 tokens and make transactions. Further. With the growth of DeFi and NFTs over the past year, MetaMask has increased in prominence as an entry point for novice users. So much so that its user base is now over 20 million monthly active users.

More specifically, we touch on how Dan went from teaching kids to code to having an app rejected by the Apple App Store to MetaMask, the philosophy behind e-government, questioning the role and job of software engineers, how crypto wallets compare to neobanks, and so so much more!

Users Growth EN MetaMask

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Sneak Peek:

Daniel Finlay:
And in that definition, Web 3.0 is not just Ethereum. Okay. So, yeah. So, today, where we are today is we are in Ethereum and Ethereum compatible chain wallet. So, for a long time we were really primarily used with Ethereum, but you could connect us to your own blockchain. We've made it easier this year, where websites can suggest users connect to new networks. And we're really continuing in that direction where it's clear that Ethereum's scaling strategy is not to just go faster. It's to enable new additional networks to be built on top of it. And so, to enable those to grow... I'm not here to start putting up my own new gates to keep. I came here from getting rejected from Hollywood and the app store. I'm not trying to re-create the systems that excluded me.

Web3 Architecture and How It Compares to Traditional Web Apps – The New  Stack

So, the way that we're approaching MetaMask's own extension into the multi-chain future is largely through... Well, the extensible API of our custom networks, and then also we have a long running project as you know, called…

More? So much more!

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Fintech Blueprint 🤖🏦🧭
Fintech Blueprint 🤖🏦🧭
Finance is being pulled apart by the forces of frontier technology. From AI, to blockchain, crypto and DeFi, to mixed reality, chatbots, neobanks, and roboadvisors — the industry will never be the same. Here is the blueprint for navigating the shift.