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Podcast conversation: What is GameFi and the $1B+ fractal DAO building it, with BitDAO Head of Product Strategy Jacobc.eth

Podcast conversation: What is GameFi and the $1B+ fractal DAO building it, with BitDAO Head of Product Strategy Jacobc.eth

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In this conversation, we chat with Jacobc.eth, the now Head of Product Strategy for BitDAO’s Windranger Labs, and Head of Product for the Game7 DAO. Previously, Jacob worked as Lead of Operations at MetaMask, and before that he led product for the Panvala grant funding DAO, one of the earliest grant DAOs in the Web3 ecosystem.

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  • 1’55”: The formative experiences that started Jacobc.eth’s career

  • 6’36”: Intro to Jacobc.eth’s experience at ConsenSys and Panvala (a grant funding DAO)

  • 10’37”: The business proposition of a grant funding DAO like Panvala

  • 13’17”: Jacobc.eth’s version of growth at MetaMask and how it translated to BitDAO

  • 15’46”: The background and specific details behind BitDAO and Game7 (gaming ecosystem)

  • 22’26”: The immaturity of DAO tooling and it’s promising impact

  • 29’51”: The trends around rendered game worlds and how they connect to economics and financial services

  • 36’42'“: Examples of high quality GameFi projects using token incentives

  • 40’07”: What the rendering of these games and generally financial worlds will look like

  • 41’00”: Methods to connect with Jacobc.eth or learn more about BitDAO and Game7

Sneak Peek:

…one of the things that's been the starkest to me about the DAO space is just how immature the tooling is. The last few years I've seen we have Syndicate, we have Molochs. These are good for investment clubs or DAOs that are small teams that are coming together to collaborate around making a small number of investments. Or you have protocol DAOs like ENS DAO where these are very mature protocols that then create a DAO around them, and that DAO has a very limited purview where it's governing ENS or it's governing the handful of governance parameters and a grant budget for Uniswap. But for a larger DAOs of the size of BitDAO that are doing DAO to DAO business development or doing DAO to DAO agreements and launching other DAOs together with others, it's a super immature space.

DAO Landscape — Coopahtroopa

And so, a lot of what we at BitDAO have also been developing is just the fundamentals of DAO tooling. We have a multi-billion-dollar treasury, so there are all of these members of the DAO. How do we allow the members of our DAO to have governance over how our treasury is used to vote in external protocols, for example? Or how do we form agreements with other decentralized protocols in a way that is actually meaningful and is actually empowering and it can't just be like you sign a legal agreement or something? So, in the instance of Game7, for example, there was a proposal and capital that was contributed both by Forte and by BitDAO. And the creation of this new entity, that was voted in by token holders.

But in terms of the actual creation of a lot of the tooling for a lot of…

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