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Podcast: Embedding lending and credit into the fintech value proposition, with Canopy CEO Matt Bivons
Podcast: Embedding lending and credit into the fintech value proposition, with Canopy CEO Matt Bivons

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In this conversation, we chat with Matt Bivons - Founder & CEO at Canopy.  Canopy’s loan management and servicing platform helps Fintechs and brands service customer accounts through automations and APIs to help improve borrower repayment rates, increase net promoter scores, and decrease the cost of servicing for lending and credit card products.

Prior to Canopy, Matt served as a VP of Growth & GM of Consumer at GreenSky (a Goldman Sachs Company), Head of Growth at fintech startup Earnest, and Director of Growth at vacation rental marketplace VaycayHero.

Topics: fintech, lending, API, Paas, credit, loan servicing, digital lending

Tags: Canopy, Earnest, GreenSky, Stripe, Kabbage, YC

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  • 1’37”: From self-design to universal solutions: A founder's journey

  • 7’01”: Fostering empathy in product design: Balancing personal and market problems

  • 10’25”: Marketing strategies & cost of acquisition in fintech: Insights from Earnest and GreenSky

  • 17’45”: Expanding horizons: Gaining experience and expertise at GreenSky

  • 22’24”: From insight to action: Building Canopy from scratch

  • 25’58”: Navigating the go-to-market challenge: Insights from Canopy's founding journey

  • 31’25”: Canopy's current landscape: Scale, competencies, and customer base

  • 34’20”: Shaping the future of digital lending: Market evolution and exciting prospects

  • 40’02”: The channels used to connect with Matt & learn more about Canopy

Sneak Peek:

Matt Bivons:
…in starting off this journey, a bunch of VCs rejected us. I was rejected from Y Combinator. This is where the stubbornness and resiliency comes in, which is there were signals in the market that we're saying we couldn't do this with a seed funding. I think it can still be done, but we were looking to raise a couple hundred thousand. There's just no way that we could get a credit card off the ground for that, particularly compete with CAC on massive marketing budgets that Capital One has. And so, I went back to the drawing board, really went through what we were doing, what was working, what was not working. And this is I think something that you have to do as a founder where you're constantly doing a gut check of checking in with yourself, with your prospects, with your platform, and starting to tinker there. And so, for me, the system of record was always the hardest thing. The rules engine was always the hardest thing.

And so towards the end of October in 2019, Money20/20 was coming up and I reached out to a bunch of larger companies that were going to be there, Chris Britt from Chime, Johnson Cook from Greenlight, and wanted to see if I could set up meetings with them to ask them are they going to get into lending and that we had this rules engine that could help them. And we were very prototype, early, early days, but in meeting with them in person, I booked a ticket on a Friday for the show was on a Sunday using some of the last bits of savings I had, didn't even get a ticket to Money20/20. It was just like me meeting with people around The Venetian and all of them said, "Yeah, we'd love to get an API to that." And so that was like…

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