Sitemap - 2024 - Fintech Blueprint 🤖🏦🧭

AI: The Big Tech war — comparing OpenAI, Meta, Google, and Mistral LLMs

Podcast: Betterment's path to $45B and beyond, with CEO Sarah Levy

Long Take: Lessons from Petal's sale to Empower, after nearly $1B in capital raised

DeFi: $225MM raise for Monad, Ethereum competitor with parallel execution

Long Take: Can the SEC take down Uniswap, and all of DeFi with it?

Podcast: Powering $2.5T of Private Equity, with Carta Head of Policy Anthony Cimino

Long Take: Is Banking as a Service dead?

Fintech: How can Robinhood afford 3% cash back on its new credit card?

Long Take: Launching our AI indexes, and reflecting on the Web3 AI mega-merger

New Schedule, Lower Price for Fintech Blueprint

AI: BNY Mellon deploys AI super-computer from NVIDIA

Podcast: How NVIDIA is accelerating financial services into the AI age, with NVIDIA Global Head of Financial Services Industry Malcom deMayo

Long Take: Stripe's $1 Trillion volume, and the promise of Internet GDP

DeFi: Ethereum L2 fees fall 90%+ as Dencun upgrade hits Optimism, Base & Zora

Podcast: The promise behind investing in private credit, with Percent CEO Nelson Chu

DeFi: $BODEN and $TREMP, the Memecoins we deserve for financializing attention

Long Take: 2024 market sentiment for banks and blockchains & Ethena's 50% yields

Fintech: New York Community Bancorp halts trading, raises $1B capital injection

Podcast: Saving DeFi from financial hacks, with Quantstamp CEO Richard Ma

DeFi: Blast’s gamified financial engineering gets $2.6B TVL

Financial Analysis: Dissecting Monzo’s new $5B valuation and 9MM UK customers

Fintech: Klarna's potential $20 billion IPO, improved earnings, and continued adoption of AI.

Podcast: Building on Bitcoin Lightning Network and Lessons from Libra, with Lightspark Chief Strategy Officer Christian Catalini

DeFi: EigenLayer's TVL skyrockets to $9B - what are the rehypothecation risks?

Analysis: Discovering the Bitcoin Miner opportunity, as BTC passes $60,000

AI: Who is responsible if your AI hallucinates financial mistakes? Court rules against bot.

Fintech: Temenos drops $2.4B in market value after short-seller finds accounting problems

DeFi: $400MM+ for Ethena's synthetic dollar with 27% yield

Long Take: Can the $35B mega-merger of Capital One and Discover succeed?

Fintech: Onfido to sell for $650MM to Entrust, an identity tech rollup

Podcast: How AI is generating and digitizing documentation across financial services, with Arteria AI CEO Shelby Austin

DeFi: Morpheus launches network of decentralized AI agents, attracting $175MM in deposits within a week

Long Take: JPMorgan's bank branch expansion mirrors Apple's retail magic

Artificial Intelligence: The Rise of Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) in Deepfake Cybercrime

Fintech: Moody's downgrades New York Community Bancorp to junk status

Podcast: From structured products to decentralized perpetuals, with SynFutures CEO Rachel Lin

DeFi: Jupiter airdrops $700MM to Solana users, top 10 largest of all time

Long Take: How can Farcaster avoid the death trap of decentralized social media?

Artificial Intelligence: Mastercard’s new Neural Network for enhanced fraud detection

Fintech: Joe Duran's Rise Growth Partners secures $250MM for minority RIA investments

Podcast: Investing in frontier capital markets, from Eastern Europe to ICOs, and tokenized securities, with TenSquared Capital Managing Partner Stan Miroshnik

DeFi: Portal Network raises $34MM for a SWIFT-like network of decentralized exhange

Long Take: How the Machine Economy combining AI, blockchain, and Fintech is growing

Artificial Intelligence: Using AI to discover insights from earnings calls

Fintech: Brex, MSFT, and Fintechs cutting headcount, but unemployment stays low

Podcast: Building modern digital lending across Capital One, Barclaycard, Funding Circle, and TRIVER, with TRIVER CEO Jerome Le Luel

DeFi: Frax Finance rolls out on-chain bonds. Will it impact USDT and USDC?

Financial Analysis: Will $5B Trade Republic, Germany’s Robinhood, win the race for European wealth?

Artificial Intelligence: European Union AI Act and its implications for finance

Fintech: JPMorgan's $300MM gamble on the future of quantum computing in finance

Podcast: Understanding Autonolas, the $2B autonomous agent network running on blockchain, with Valory CEO David Minarsch

DeFi: Tokenization is cool again, from Franklin Templeton, to Fasanara's Untangled Finance, & SC Ventures Libeara

Long Take: Will BlackRock, Fidelity, Bitwise or GBTC win the Bitcoin ETF launch?

Artificial Intelligence: Broadridge deploys OpsGPT to improve trade lifecycle support

Fintech: $125MM for Vestwell's workplace savings and retirement tech

Podcast: The state of Fintech and the sector's biggest opportunities, with FT Partners CEO Steve McLaughlin and Fintech Meetup CEO Jon Lear

DeFi: Ethereum's 'Dencun' Upgrade Targets Over 90% Reduction in Rollup Transaction Costs

Long Take: Carta's misstep and exit from secondary markets point to a bigger problem

Artificial Intelligence: The importance of temporal validity for financial AI

Fintech: HSBC Zings into payments competition with Revolut and Wise