Sitemap - 2022 - Fintech Blueprint 🤖🏦🧭

Digital Wealth: Personal finance platform Money View raises $75MM at $900MM

2022 in Review: Our top learnings in Web3, market volatility, and industry insights

Blueprint: Coinbase's market outlook; South Korean super app Toss gets $405MM; Indian fintech Money View valued at $900MM

Podcast: Building digital assets into roboadvisor strategy, with Betterment VP of Crypto Investing Jesse Proudman

Digital Wealth: Allfunds grows in Brazil, Amber Group raises $300MM, Eton Solutions $425B of family office assets

Long Take: Wells Fargo $3B+ & Epic $520MM fines undermine positive-sum games and consumer surplus

Web3: PayPal onramp into MetaMask; Aztec gets $100MM a16z check for ZK-rollup; Vouch launches Insurance for Web3

Blueprint: US Senate bill against Twitter becoming a fintech; Binance audit firm quits; PE/VC portfolios in your pocket

Podcast: Scaling a core ledger for neobanks, processors, brokerages, and payment providers, with Twisp CEO Jarred Ward

Digital Wealth: Apex & Unifimoney offer roboadvisory and asset custody to banks

Long Take: Should Plaid launch a payments network on Arbitrum?

Web3: $5MM Yuga Labs and MoonPay lawsuit; Proof Of Reserves from Bybit and; Gnosis blockchain PoS merge

Blueprint: Retire with Robinhood?; Starbucks pioneers NFT rewards at scale; Walmart's proprietary BNPL bet

Podcast: The emerging problems in banking-as-a-service, with Lex Sokolin and Will Beeson

Digital Wealth: JPMorgan invests in risk analytics wealthtech Edgelab & Evooq

Long Take: What's wrong with $12B Credit Suisse, but right with $8B Wise

Web3: Coinbase disables mobile NFT Transfers; Digital and sovereign identity on zkSync; Yahoo Finance stock and crypto trading

Blueprint: Telegram wallet and exchange; X1 smart card raises $15MM & adds stock trading; Teampay gets $47MM for corporate spend

Podcast Conversation: How to blow up a $32B crypto exchange, with Binance Labs MD of Token Engineering, David Shuttleworth

Digital Wealth: Arta's PFM acquisition echoes Personal Capital strategy

Long Take: Generative AI creates the surreal search engine of our dreams

Web3: Curve's goes from stablecoin AMM to stablecoin issuer; Ledger's crypto debit cards; Multi-chain transaction orchestrator t3rn raises $6.5MM

Blueprint: UK & Singapore partner on fintech bridge; Arbitrageur attacks Aave after breaking Mango Markets; No-code fintech platform Taktile raises $20MM

Podcast Conversation: Adam Nash, Daffy CEO & former Wealthfront CEO, on using technology to improve people's financial lives

Digital Wealth: Roboadvisors lost 20% this year on average

Long Take: The mistakes we made analyzing FTX, and how to correct them

Web3: Matter Labs $200MM for ZkSync 2.0; SuperRare raises $4MM via NFTs passes; Cardano stablecoin USDA in the future

Blueprint: Uniswap overtakes Coinbase in ETH trading; Hong Kong virtual bank WeLab raising $250MM; LGBTQ+ bank Daylight raises $15MM

Podcast Conversation: Embedded custody services and crypto IRAs using fintech APIs, with Prime Trust CEO Tom Pageler

Digital Wealth: Addepar's big moves -- UBS partnership and London expansion

Long Take: How Elon Musk can turn Twitter into a fintech powerhouse

Web3: Can proof-of-reserve oracles save crypto exchanges? OpenSea and the NFT royalty drama; David Chaum and BIS partner on CBDC

Blueprint: A personal note on persevering + Tellus real estate savings; Santander crypto pmts ban; Klarna's shopping engine

Podcast Conversation: Metaverse-native virtual artists and their financial ecosystem, with Hume CEO David Beiner

Digital Wealth: Envestnet's tech upgrades, crypto reporting, and custody launch with $1.5T FNZ

Long Take: Understanding the fall of FTX and attempted acquisition by Binance

Web3: Fidelity "free" BTC & ETH trading for all investors; Kraken and Gamestop launch NFT marketplaces; Solana using Helium for phone network

Blueprint: Google infrastructure for Ethereum and Solana; UK digital lender Plend gets $40MM; $90MM for Family Office roboadvisor Arta

Podcast conversation: AI-based underwriting of small business insurance, with Coterie CEO David McFarland

Digital Wealth: reAlpha gets $200MM for AI-based real estate investing

Long Take: The $5 trillion of GDP that McKinsey, Goldman, and Galaxy say will be built in the Metaverse

Web3: Controversial MakerDAO Endgame passes; Binance Oracle vs. Chainlink on BNB; SEBA bank NFT custody

Blueprint: Visa's trademark for Bitcoin wallet; 4.5MM user P2P money circle fintech Money Fellows raises $31MM; Nubank loyalty token

Podcast Conversation: Lex Sokolin's 2022 investing and building thesis -- the evolutionary relationship between Tech, Finance, and Web3

Digital Wealth: UBS launches Chinese digital wealth platform WE.UBS

Long Take: Can anyone fight Apple's monopoly power over Web3, the Metaverse, and Finance?

Web3: International Police in the Metaverse; Aave's GHO stablecoin on track, while Near's USN shuts down; Aptos tokenomics and inflation

Blueprint: Plaid's Wallet Connector to aggregate Web3 wallets; $43MM raise for merchant receipt data company Banyan; NatWest's new play in banking-as-a-service

Podcast Conversation: Creating the neobank and embedded finance industry, with Sila CEO and Simple Co-Founder Shamir Karkal

Digital Wealth: Mastercard integrating crypto trading for bank partners, using Paxos Trust

Long Take: Emergence of Generative Artificial Intelligence sector, and powering DAOs with shallow labor

Greatest Hits Report: FTX, iCapital, MakerDAO, Goldman, and Apple are our top Fintech industry movers of 2022

Blueprint: $42T BNY Mellon is live with crypto custody; Neobank NorthOne gets $67MM, goes deeper on SMBs; GoHenry's $55MM banking for children

Podcast Conversation: How Binance is investing $1B in the BNB ecosystem, with BNB Chain Investment Director Gwendolyn Regina

Digital Wealth: Envestnet partners with Gemini to bring digital assets to 3,000 RIAs; Step & Betterment also launch offerings

Long Take: What will Goldman Sachs do with Marcus, and Why?

Web3: Polygon's zkEVM public testnet; Three Arrows NFT portfolio worth <$1MM, peaked @$35MM; Visa & FTX crypto debit card in 40 countries

Blueprint: Reversing most of the $570MM Binance hack; Railsr raises $46MM for embedded banking; Christie's launches its NFT auction venue

Podcast Conversation: Growing an AI-powered digital lender to $850MM in revenue, with Upstart's SVP of Business Development Jeff Keltner

Digital Wealth: Alts digital money manager Equi raises $15MM on $100MM of AUM

Long Take: Focusing on the social contract and the network state, beyond DeFi roboadvisors and SEC fines

Web3: DeFi roboadvisor Exponential gets $14MM from Paradigm; Jack Dorsey's TBD partners with Circle; 17MM+ notification Push Protocol on Polygon

Blueprint: Robinhood's Web3 wallet on Polygon; EQT buys Billtrust for $1.7B after brief SPAC float; Satispay raises €320MM @€1B for IBAN payments

Podcast conversation: Eliminating payments fraud from Fintech and Web3 using AI, with Sardine CEO Soups Ranjan

Digital Wealth: Betterment, via Gemini, and DBS Bank both launch crypto offerings to clients

Long Take: Getting out of this macro hellscape

Web3: FTX swallows Voyager for almost free; CFTC goes after bZeroX DAO and founders to pay $250K penalty; Wintermute hacked for $160MM in maybe inside job

Blueprint: Sardine's $52MM a16z round to fight payments fraud; Messari gets $35MM for honest crypto data; $50MM for values-based investment platform Ethic

Podcast conversation: Transforming art, private equity, and securities into tokenized assets on chain, with Securitize's CEO Carlos Domingo

Digital Wealth: Opto gets $145MM for private markets tech and investments, with Joe Lonsdale as chairman

Long Take: The evolution of embedded finance to $7T in flows, and the OCC's mandate to derisk it

Blueprint: $316MM raise for credit card platform Power; Opera browser integrations with MetaMask; Infura plans for decentralized protocol

Podcast conversation: Implications of the Ethereum Merge for Web3, with Justin Drake of The Ethereum Foundation

Digital Wealth: Roboadvisor StashAway raises $13MM after BlackRock distribution deal

Long Take: Fixing our innovation blindspots, with Apple identity and DALL-E AI art

Web3: Mysten raises $300MM for Sui chain; Terra might get its Prism DeFi derivatives back; Sony Music files trademark for NFT auth; Institutional crypto dark pools from Enclave

Blueprint: Ethereum energy use ⬇️99%+ after Merge; Finance automation platform Mesh raises $60MM; JPM buys Renovite to compete with Stripe

Podcast Conversation: Building Dave, the neobank saving users $1B in overdraft fees, with Dave Founder and CEO, Jason Wilk

Podcast Conversation: Building Dave, the neobank saving users $1B in overdraft fees, with Dave Founder and CEO, Jason Wilk

Digital Wealth: UBS backs out of $1.4B Wealthfront acquisition, buys $70MM convert

Long Take: Lessons from the Application / Infrastructure cycle for future bets

Web3: Celsius files to return only 20% of client funds; Helium floating off to Solana; FIFA launching football NFTs on Algorand; LevelField crypto bank raising $50MM

Blueprint: Goldman and Truist roboadvisors; Protecting Maker & DAI from sanctions; Alloy raises @$1.5B for fraud prevention

Podcast conversation: Teaching financial AI to be ethical and fair, with Fairplay CEO Kareem Saleh

Digital Wealth: VRGL gets $15MM from FINTOP, Dynasty, and Northwestern Mutual for digital client tools

Long Take: Uploading a Digital Twin of the financial system into DeFi, with MakerDAO and HVBC

Web3: Compound III launches for borrowing USDC; MakerDAO $100M DAI Loan back by real world assets; Coinbase moving from brokerage to subscription

Blueprint: Coinbase ETH staking token launch; MENA focused neobank targets GenZ; MUFG bank and Animoca Brands fund $45MM for Japan NFT effort

Podcast conversation: How virtual worlds, vast communities, and traditional entertainment are shaping the $200B Web3 gaming sector, with Mark Aubrey of Catheon Gaming

Digital Wealth: $130B Alts fintech iCapital acquiring $7B investments feeder fund platform from UBS

Long Take: Evolution of NFT markets with automated market making (Sudoswap) and collateralized lending (BendDAO)

Video: Discussion of FTX, TeamApt, Truework

Blueprint: Galaxy walks from $1.2B BitGo deal; eToro buys Gatsby, a PFOF options broker, for $50MM; Remitly acquires Rewire

Podcast Conversation: Connecting 500,000+ small businesses to digital working capital, with Fundbox CEO Prashant Fuloria

Digital Wealth: Farther gets $15MM to compete with roboadvisors, TAMPs, and wirehouses; Abrdn invests in Archax exchange

Long Take: Can governments kill software? The US is trying with Tornado Cash.

Web3: SoFi launches Web3 ETF; Monero hard fork; Tiffany $12.5MM after CryptoPunk jewellery; 38 USDC addresses banned post Tornado sanctions

Blueprint: FTX launches spread trading, catching up to Coinbase; Nigerian fintech TeamApt $50MM; Truework $50MM for income verification

Podcast conversation: Combining AI and DeFi to underwrite Web3 risks, with RociFi Co-Founder Chris Brookins

Digital Wealth: Penfold roboadvisor crowdfunds from 700 investors to aggregate UK pensions

Long Take: The creative remains of Facebook Libra -- US CBDC, Silvergate's stables, Mysten, Aptos, 0L Network, and Meta's wallet

Web3: Solana DeFi TVL substantially overstated and Slope wallets hacked; Blackrock Aladdin integrates Coinbase Prime for BTC; Binance KYC tokens

Blueprint: Global Payments buys EVO for $4B, sells Netspend for $1B; MENA BNPL Tabby raises $150MM; Bank tech Savana gets $45MM to wrap the core

Podcast conversation: Eliminating payday loans and overdraft fees for 2.5MM employees, with Matt Kopko of DailyPay

Digital Wealth: $130B alts fintech iCapital acquires SIMON Markets, a Goldman spin-out

Long Take: Rebuilding ownership and identity, avoiding financial abstraction, protects us from fintech and big tech collapse

Web3: Nomad $200MM bridge exploit; Solana retail store experiment; Unstoppable Domains 🦄; a16z's $50MM for VeeFriends; Babel Finance $280MM prop trading loss

Blueprint: Barclays investing in crypto-custodian Copper; Jack Ma loses fintech crown, steps down from Ant; Zillow bought too many houses

Podcast conversation: What is GameFi and the $1B+ fractal DAO building it, with BitDAO Head of Product Strategy Jacobc.eth

Digital Wealth: Social investing app Shares raises $40MM, charges 79 bps

Long Take: Sizing up Roblox, Minecraft, and Fortnite as places for financial economies

Greatest Hits Report: DAOs

Blueprint: Emerging credit underwriting -- TomoCredit gets $22MM, X1 income-based card; FTX looking to buy Bithumb crypto exchange; $33MM raise

Podcast conversation: Navigating the macro environment and crypto financial crisis, with the ConsenSys Cryptoeconomics team

Digital Wealth: $1.5T asset platform FNZ acquires New Access, core-to-digital private banking tech

Long Take: The opportunities in the Web3/DAO CFO tech stack, compared to its Fintech counterparts

Web3: 3AC creditors list, including $2B+ to Genesis; leaked StarkWare token; Gnosis Safe raises $100MM; Multicoin $430MM fund for proof of physical work and DataDAOs

Blueprint: $4.5B valuation for insurtech broker platform wefox; Mexican paytech unicorn Stori 100% credit approvals and 100%+ APRs; Cred Protocols' machine learning Aave default scores

Podcast conversation: The strategy behind Revolut's merchant acquiring and paytech growth, with Simon Taylor, Head of Strategy & Content at

Digital Wealth: Bain projects digital-human hybrid firms winning wealth mgmt with private and crypto assets, growing revenue pool to $500B in 2030

Long Take: What can the Web3 economy learn from eCommerce and paytech?

Web3: Next step in DeFi lending with multichain Compound & Aave's stablecoin; Celsius $40MM loan repayment and $500MM wBTC position; NFTs with lifetime Netflix and Spotify subscriptions

Blueprint: Kids go neobanking with GoHenry acquiring Pixpay; Flutterwave fraud allegations in Kenya; Aave's multichain stablecoin proposal

Podcast conversation: Powering a BNPL platform with a global lender network, with ChargeAfter CEO Meidad Sharon

Digital Wealth: $1.1B acquisition of wealthtech platform BETA+ from LSEG by Clearlake Capital, Motive Partners

Long Take: Can balanced regulation for the crypto markets emerge after crash?

Web3: Ethereum difficulty bomb delayed to September; MakerDAO governance drama; Voyager down 98% YTD; Solend won't liquidate

Blueprint: BlockFi and FTX structure a $240MM acquisition; Klarna's $6.5B 85% down round; $200MM into BNB exchange Unizen

Podcast conversation: Embedding financial workflow automation in digital banking platforms, with Monite CEO Ivan Maryasin

Digital Wealth: NerdWallet to acquire consumer debt roboadvisor in $120MM deal

Long Take: Should Robinhood, Voyager, and BlockFi sell to FTX -- a view on the industrial logic

Web3: Tron DAO USDD stablecoin warning signs; dYdX building appchain for token value; FalconX $8B valuation; Uniswap NFT trading aggregator

Blueprint: Solana's crypto phone ambition; SumUp raises $624MM @$8.5B; Ebay enters NFT sector via KnownOrigin acquisition

Podcast conversation: Growing startups through revenue-based funding, with Arc Co-founder Nick Lombardo

Digital Wealth: Cleo, the 4MM user personal finance AI chatbot, valued at $500MM

Long Take: The novel political challenges in Solend and MakerDAO from market pressure

Web3: Three Arrows Capital liquidations cascade; Litecoin delisted from exchanges after privacy upgrade; Circle’s new Euro-backed stablecoin at Silvergate

Blueprint: Brex fires 10,000+ small business clients; Immutable X $500MM GameFi fund; Cube raises $30MM for FP&A fintech

Our top 5 Fintech & DeFi 2022 Podcasts

Digital Wealth: Charles Schwab's $187MM settlement to roboadvisor clients for cash sweep

Long Take: Learning to notice the shape of Liquidity, and its impact (e.g., stETH, Celsius, 3AC)

Web3: Celsius insolvent from stETH illiquidity and leverage; Illuvium $72MM land sale; stablecoin settlements; Cronos $100MM fund despite layoffs

Blueprint: Apple using own cash for BNPL; Engagement banktech Backbase valued @$2.6B; Optimism market maker $20MM hack

Podcast Conversation: Were we wrong about neobanks and B2C fintech? With 2x digital bank founder Will Beeson

Digital Wealth: Algo-advisor Delphia closes $60MM round led by Multicoin Capital

Quarter in Review: Top 3 key Fintech developments in Q2 2022

Web3: Liquidation risk from Staked ETH depegging; Proposal for MakerDAO restructuring; Tackling the Quantum threat; Binance closes $500MM fund

Blueprint: Gemini 10% staff cut; Kroo neobank raises $26MM; Utopia Labs gets $23MM for DAO payroll and finance

Podcast conversation: Building the income and employment data layer for financial services, with Pinwheel CEO Kurtis Lin

Digital Wealth: Massive $725MM funding round for broker Acrisure, valuing it at $23B

Long Take: Longer term strategy for crypto wallets, with launches from Zerion and GameStop

Web3: Fantom stablecoin trouble & Cronje speculation; Solana NFT trading overtakes ETH with Trippin’ Apes; Avalanche tries to vampire $APE; $100MM to $1B from SBF for crypto politics

Greatest Hits: Stablecoins & CBDCs

Blueprint: Fintech multiples down 90%, from 25x➜3x says a16z; Klarna's 10% layoffs and valuation challenges; StarkWare raises $100MM at $8B

Podcast conversation: Helping DeFi and Web3 developers integrate crypto onramps in 125 countries, with CEO of Transak Sami Start

Digital Wealth: The Robo Report & The Robo Ranking

Long Take: MasterCard's biometric payments, Web3 soulbound NFTs, and the construction of digital identity

Web3: Uncovering Tether's historic holdings; Flow and Avalanche want $APE; a16z $600MM Metaverse gaming fund; Spotify tests NFTs as storefront

Blueprint: Nansen buys DeFi portfolio app Ape Board; Plaid launches identity, income verification; SpotOn raises $300MM for hospitality paytech

Podcast conversation: Scaling Ethereum and Web3 using Arbitrum optimistic rollups, with Offchain Labs CEO Steven Goldfeder

Digital Wealth: Data-driven wealthtech TIFIN valued $842MM after $109MM raise

Long Take: The right lessons from Terra's $40B collapse

Web3: Tether’s USDT depegs; Flow blockchain raises $725MM; Coinbase stock trading @3x revenue; Square Enix in Web3 gaming

Blueprint: FTX CEO buys 7% stake in Robinhood; Paytech Paddle raises $200MM for SaaS; Open Banking consolidation with Yapily & finAPI

Podcast conversation: NEAR Foundation CEO Marieke Flament on building USDC issuer Circle, business neobank Mettle, and growing the NEAR ecosystem

Digital Wealth: $1.9T AUA platform Orion acquires $6B OCIO firm TownSquare

Long Take: Stripe will drink your embedded finance milkshake

Web3: Cracking the $18B UST stablecoin; Solana Pay NFT loyalty cards for merchants; Juno DAO's $35MM token confiscation from whale; Polkadot Cross-Chain Messaging

Blueprint: Home equity fintech Point raises $115MM , Otherside NFTs burned $160MM in ETH; Insurtech Alan valued at $2.7B

Podcast conversation: Building a $200MM DeFi asset manager and DAO treasury management tools, with Mona El Isa of Enzyme

Digital Wealth: Teen-focused Fintech App Copper Raises $29MM, Grows To Over 800,000 Users

Long Take: 3 DeFintech life-style businesses to launch in a challenging market

Web3: Goldman BTC-Backed Loan; NEAR growing DeFi pie; Cartier on Blockchain; Bright Moments DAO live minting generative art; DAO economies

Blueprint: Neobank Starling raises @$2.5B; Argent's wallet gets $40MM for DeFi superapp; Optimism token & governance for 250,000+ people

Podcast Conversation: 25 years of cypherpunk innovation in money, privacy, and music, with Chia Network COO Gene Hoffman

Digital Wealth: Fidelity Investments Unveils A Crypto Option For 401(k) Plans

Long Take: Deriving Polygon Supernets and Avalanche Subnets value accrual through the Laws of Nature

Web3: Ridley Scott producing Ethereum the Movie; Optimism airdrop?; Moonbirds NFTs soar; BlockApps raises $40MM for enterprise; on $14B IPO path

Blueprint: Column, a chartered bank for developers, launched by Plaid co-founder; MakerDAO deploys on StarkNet; Global HR Payments platform Oyster becomes 🦄

Podcast conversation: Launching protocols, DAOs, and NFTs in media and finance, with CEO of Palm NFT studio Dan Heyman

Digital Wealth: Robinhood to acquire UK-based e-money institution and cryptoasset firm, Ziglu

Long Take: Twitter, Elon, Jack, and the promise of decentralized social media

Web3: BAYC in Cinemas; Uniswap Venture Arm; Tendermint Launches $150MM accelerator fund; Circle $400MM Raise; Capital DAO Protocol; EU Healthcare report

Blueprint: Epic raises $2B and Mastercard files 15 trademarks for Metaverse commerce; DeFi infra BloXroute raises $70MM; Bolt buys Wyre for $1.5B

Podcast Conversation: Aggregating Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and structuring a DAO, with Sergej Kunz of 1inch

Digital Wealth: Ellevest raises $53MM for $1.4B AUM women-focused roboadvisor

Long Take: Deriving the benefits of tokenomics for Centralized Exchanges

Web3: Hedera $250MM Metaverse play; LUNA Builds Reserves with AVAX; Lightning Labs raises $70MM; Cash App BTC Payments; PwC Global CBDC Index

Blueprint: NEAR Protocol's new $350MM; UK embedded fintech Fidel API $65MM; Waves Blockchain growth and stablecoin de-pegging

Podcast Conversation: Building an insurtech platform that scales from Fintech to DeFi, with Cover CEO Karn Saroya

Digital Wealth: Franklin Templeton Completes Acquisition Of Lexington Partners, A Global Leader In Secondary Private Equity And Co-Investments

Long Take: Role of Central Banks in DeFi, Stablecoins, and the Web3 economy

Web3: OpenSea adds Solana; Apple Pay on MetaMask; Indian government leveraging Polygon; + Osmosis, Ankr

Blueprint: Cross River Bank gets $620MM @$3B; LayerZero lands $135MM, launching $4B TVL Stargate; Axie's Ronin sidechain hacked for $622MM

Podcast Conversation: Stablecoins, Curve Wars, and Olympus as Reserve Currency, with DeFi Researcher Luca Prosperi

Digital Wealth: Goldman Sachs buying Pension Roboadvisor NextCapital

Long Take: Is the CFO automation suite (Brex, Ramp, Jeeves, Digits) an SMB underwriting Trojan Horse?

Web3: Avalanche and Grimes $100M creator fund; Polygon ZK scaling; Eye-scanning Worldcoin gets $100MM; Blockchain for farming insurance; Grayscale alternate L1s fund loves Cardano

Blueprint: Apple spends $150MM on open banking with Credit Kudos; Corp Card fintech Ramp raises @$8.1B; Haun Ventures launches $1.5B crypto fund

Podcast Conversation: Perpetual futures in DeFi and seeing frontier technology, with Perpetual Protocol Co-Founder Yenwen Feng

Digital Wealth: London Stock Exchange Sells Wealth Back-Office Unit For $1.1 Billion

Long Take: The Yuga Labs triple threat -- $3B NFT floor, $4B valuation, and $12B of $APE

Web3: ApeCoin arrives; Friends With Benefits DAO; Aave V3 on FTM and AVAX; The Merge is close; Goldman OTC crypto derivatives; Securitised real estate

Blueprint: ConsenSys raises @ $7B; Japan's neobank Kyash gets $40MM+; $17B Anchor protocol on Avalanche

Podcast Conversation: Embedding crypto assets into fintech footprints, with Zero Hash CEO Edward Woodford

Digital Wealth: JP Morgan acquires equity comp platform Global Shares for €665MM

Long Take: What Layer 1 protocols must learn from the Telecom crash

Web3: Stripe targets crypto biz; $2.5B valuation for Immutable; Turn VCs into DAOs; Avalanche $290MM for ecosystem; Elrond network & e-Money

Blueprint: Bored Apes "acquires" CryptoPunks; Acorns Raises $300M @$2B; Digital real estate unicorn Roofstock

Podcast Conversation: Investing in Web3 and fintech for CFOs, with Redpoint's Urvashi Barooah

Digital Wealth: Social Investing App Shares Closes $40MM Series A With 60,000 Waitlist

Long Take: Rugging, early token liquidity, and the expected cost of holding

Web3: CryptoPunk donated to Ukraine; $70MM for Lido; Solid World carbon project DAO; Osmosis Superfluid staking; Vodafone IoT and Mastercard

Blueprint: Klarna's underwriting losses; Andre Cronje ghosts DeFi; Australian SMB neobank Zeller becomes 🦄

Podcast Conversation: The Embedded finance revolution in cards and payments, with Highnote founder John MacIlwaine

Digital Wealth: TD adds $75B of US deposits with $13B acquisition of First Horizon

Long Take: On Ukraine and the economic sanctions of Russia

​​​​Web3: Minecraft Web3; Save Ukraine DAO; zkSync launches ZK-Rollup on Public Testnet; Tether reduces Commercial Paper reserves; eBay to add Crypto payments

Blueprint: Coinbase's $2.5B revenue quarter; BNPL Scalapay raises $500MM; LUNA swapped for $1B of Bitcoin

Podcast Conversation: Rebuilding banking starting with Teens, with Current CTO Trevor Marshall

Digital Wealth: Retail IPO platform Primary Bid gets $190MM; Amber Group's $200MM for institutional digital assets

Long Take: Glory and cost of a "pure bet", with SoFi $1B Technisys acquisition and BlockFi $100MM SEC fine

​​Web3: State of the Sandbox; BuyTheBroncos DAO; Cosmos Interchain Accounts; LatAm Crypto Growth; Decentralised Identity Solution; Blockchain in Food Supply

Blueprint: Circle's SPAC from $4B to $9B; African paytech Flutterwave worth $3B; Mastercard go-to-market in open banking, ESG, crypto

Podcast Conversation: Building an investment platform with a risk management heart, with Riskalyze CEO Aaron Klein

Digital Wealth: FNZ Receives £1B Investment To Expand In Wealth Sector

Long Take: What the Crypto Super Bowl says about Fintech brand building

Web3: Gala Games $5B for NFT Expansion; $450MM into Anchor; 600k Helium Network hotspots; BlackRock crypto trading plans; BlockFi $100MM SEC penalty

Blueprint: Binance $200MM Stake in Forbes; Alchemy $10B Valuation; Digital Lender Happy Monday now a Unicorn

Podcast Conversation: Powering billions of API-first payment operations, with Modern Treasury's CEO & Founder Dimitri Dadiomov

Digital Wealth: Roboadvisor Betterment acquires Makara to offer crypto investing

Long Take: Parsing ARK Invest core assumptions in the case for Innovation, Singularity, and the Metaverse

Web3: a16z Investing in BAYC; DeepDAO Search Engine; Aave Launches Lens; Wormhole $320M Hack; MIT Research CBDCs; Grayscale Digital Economy ETF

Blueprint: Railsbank, embedded finance Unicorn; Dune Analytics memes $69.420MM; Solana's Phantom Wallet raises $109MM

Podcast Conversation: Distributing €1.4 trillion of investment funds on blockchain, with Allfunds' Ruben Nieto

Digital Wealth: $130M Funding from SoftBank for Esusu, fintech using data to bridge the racial wealth gap

Long Take: Are DAOs and Nations conscious? A look at Diem/Silvergate, Google Plex, and Solidly AMM.

Web3: Apple Signals Metaverse; $200MM into zkSync; Eaglebrook Advisors $20MM raise; Fantom 1MM+ daily transactions

Blueprint: Fireblocks $8B valuation on $45B AUC; Wealthfront is UBS' third roboadvisor; Wonderland CFO doxxed as ex-convict

Podcast Conversation: Modernizing $25B of assets with retirement wealthtech, with Vestwell CEO Aaron Schumm

Digital Wealth: UBS buys Wealthfront for $1.4B; aka Wealthfront does not disrupt incumbents

Long Take: Markets wiping out value is a gift for curious learners; on Olympus DAO, SPACs, Diem, Botto

Web3: Coinbase ❤️ Mastercard; Federal Reserve on CBDC; VeNomics in DeFi; State of Uniswap; a16z $4.5B Crypto Fund

Blueprint: OpenSea buys Dharma, shuts down wallet; Microsoft acquires $70B Activision Blizzard; Facet Wealth raises $100MM for digital CFPs

Podcast Conversation: Upgrading DeFi market-making and liquidity programs, with Carson Cook of Tokemak

Digital Wealth: Acorns $2.2B SPAC Deal with Pioneer Merger is Terminated

2022 Capital Markets Primer: Crypto Flows and Fundamentals, NFT Digital Art (part 2)

Web3: Unstoppable Domains NFT Sign-On; $2B FTX Fund; PayPal develops Stablecoin; Near Raises $150M

Blueprint: Biz fintech Brex worth $12B; Visa and ConsenSys CBDCs; Alliance DAO raises $50MM for DeFi & Web3

Podcast Conversation: Solving climate change through financial services, with Aspiration CEO Andrei Cherny

Digital Wealth: Alternative investment platform CAIS secures $225m capital boost

2022 Capital Markets Primer: Fintech Equities, SPACs, and Venture (part 1)

Web3: LooksRare vampire attacks OpenSea; WeChat supports Digital Yuan; and Tron DAO

Blueprint: OpenSea lands $13B+ valuation; Aave's DeFi for Institutions; and credit fintech Petal becomes a Unicorn

Podcast Conversation: The world’s most powerful Web3 developer suite, with Michael Godsey of Infura

Digital Wealth: Apollo, WestCap, Temasek invest $50MM into Alts fintech iCapital @$6B valuation

Blueprint: Mega Mutant Serum for $6MM; Monzo Raises £444m; and Truebill acquired for $1.3B