Sitemap - 2023 - Fintech Blueprint 🤖🏦🧭

Podcast: Advancing Bitcoin with Lightning, Inscriptions, and L2s, with Blockstream's Chief Product Officer Jeff Boortz

DeFi: Are Bitcoin & EVM inscriptions a valuable asset, or just spam exploiting a vulnerability?

Long Take: Deciphering Solana's remarkable 700% rise, and why Ethereum lags behind

Artificial Intelligence: Neobank Dave launches GPT chatbot for scalable customer service

Fintech: Paytech SumUp raises $307MM at $8.6B, defying market gravity

Podcast: How Animoca Brands built an empire at the intersection of Gaming and Finance, with Animoca Brands Chairman Yat Siu

DeFi: $225MM airdrop from Solana's liquid staking derivative protocol Jito

Long Take: Trusting Artificial Intelligence based on ZK Proofs, and the $10B fraud market

Artificial Intelligence: Mistral $2B valuation and Open Source strategy

Fintech: Canopy expands into commercial lending, part of $400B digital lending market.

Podcast: Can open banking power AI-based finance?, with Bud CEO Ed Maslaveckas

DeFi: Bridging protocol Wormhole raises $225MM at a $2.5B valuation

Long Take: The $2B of tokenized Real World Assets (RWAs) trading onchain in 2023

Artificial Intelligence: Commerz Bank uses Generative AI to creative financial avatars

Fintech: Why is Goldman Sachs leaving the Apple credit card partnership?

Podcast: Bringing MetaMask to the next billion users, with Agoric CEO Dean Tribble and MetaMask Co-Founder Daniel Finlay

DeFi: $600MM+ deposited into Blast, an L2 that stakes bridged ETH, despite rug risk

Financial Analysis: Can Affirm beat Klarna in the BNPL market?

AI: Stock Trader AI covers up use of insider information in trading simulation

Fintech: $300MM bet on wealthtech Alpheya by BNY Mellon & Abu Dhabi-based Lunate

Podcast: Modernizing private investment infrastructure, with Templum CEO Christopher Pallotta

DeFi: Crypto media on sale as Coindesk sold to EOS exchange Bullish & The Block acquired for $70MM

Long Take: What would AGI do to the economy and financial industry?

Fintech: Private investment fintech Arch raises $20MM from capital markets insiders

Podcast: How Legalist, a $770MM litigation finance investment firm, uses tech and data analytics to deliver alpha, with Co-Founder Eva Shang

DeFi: Goldman & BNP Paribas invest $95MM in Fnality, blockchain-based wholesale payments

Long Take: We made ChatGPTs for asset allocation and stock analysis, it hallucinated financial answers & got some right

Fintech: Black Ore, an AI automating tax prep, gets $60MM from a16z & Oak HC/FT

Podcast: Engineering the Dollar from ETH and Perpetuals, with Ethena Labs founder Guy Young

DeFi: Yuga Labs and Magic Eden's royalty focussed marketplace

Long Take: An obituary for, which inspired a fintech revolution

Fintech: Brazilian embedded finance champion QI Tech raises $200MM in growing market

Podcast: Using AI to digitize financial documents at scale, with Ocrolus CEO Sam Bobley

DeFi: Andreessen bets on transparent and composable EVM computation with smlXL blockchain infra

Long Take: Can we be optimistic about 2Q2023 Equities, Crypto and Venture markets?

Fintech: Removing cross-border FX fees for SMEs gets YouBiz $50MM round

Podcast: Embedding lending and credit into the fintech value proposition, with Canopy CEO Matt Bivons

DeFi: Scam detection platform Blockaid raises $33MM; SynFutures DEX raises $22MM

Long Take: Dissecting the 2023 Macroeconomy, from personal savings to global politics

Fintech: Nirvana, AI insurance for trucks, gets $57MM; BitGo acquires HeightZero to bring TradFi to crypto

Podcast: Embedding Web3 infrastructure into Web2 platforms, with Bastion Co-Founders Nassim Eddequiouaq and Riyaz Faizullabhoy

DeFi: Account abstraction wallet UniPass gets $7MM; Liquid staking from Ether.Fi using EigenLayer

Long Take: How Wise disrupted $150T of Cross-Border Payments and earns $1B in revenue

Fintech: $30B in fraud targeting seniors, Carefull raises $16MM to protect elderly

Podcast: Mastering fintech from public to private investments, with Portage CEO Adam Felesky

DeFi: Blackbird brings crypto to the culinary world; Membrane Labs, a hedge fund-focused crypto trading platform, secures $20MM

Long Take: The difference between Generative AI and Machine Learning for Finance

Fintech: SoftBank unblocks Revolut from getting UK banking license; Apex launches Fractional Fixed Income

Podcast: Applying artificial intelligence to investing and finance, with Auquan CEO Chandini Jain

DeFi: Cross-chain oracle network Supra raises $24MM; NFT platform IYK raises $16.8MM

Long Take: Is Apple Wallet's Open Banking integration a fintech extinction event?

Fintech: WhatsApp in-chat payments launching in India; $131MM valuation for Wealthtech Farther

Podcast: How to build a $60B volume global payments platform, with Rapyd CEO Arik Shtilman

DeFi: Proof of Play raises $33MM; Ordinal's creator launches Runes

Long Take: How Decentralized Physical Infrastructure (DePIN) impacts finance and the machine economy

Fintech: Earned-Wage-Access ZayZoon raises $35MM; Mesh's $22MM for embedded finance and digital asset APIs

Podcast: MoneyLion's evolution from neobank to finance super app, with CMO Cynthia Kleinbaum Milner

DeFi: NounsDAO fork splits the community; Web3 orchestrator Bastion raises $25MM

Long Take: Comparing MetaMask's Snappy Transition to a Developer Platform with Apple, Ant Financial, and ChatGPT

Office Hours: Let's Talk About Finding True Innovation with Scott Abrahams

Fintech: Morgan Stanley & OpenAI advisor bot; Neobank Monzo's launches digital investing

Podcast: The Techstars Web3 thesis and advice on building companies, with Pete Townsend Managing Director at Techstars

DeFi: Vitalik Buterin publishes paper addressing blockchain privacy; MetaMask now usable outside EVM blockchains

Long Take: Why $ billions are flowing out of Banks into Money Market Funds, and how startups can benefit

Fintech: UK's Zopa raises $93MM; A dive into The Robo Report for 2Q

Podcast: Modernizing the entire banking system, with Caitlin Long, CEO of Custodia Bank

DeFi: Coinbase new institutional crypto lending service; MakerDAO Solana fork as appchain

Long Take: Visa, Worldpay, and Nuvei settling transactions using stablecoin USDC on Solana

Our Gift to You 🎁

Fintech: Ramp's down round

Podcast: How AI-enriched data aggregation is empowering the next generation of financial institutions, with Envestnet's Farouk Ferchichi

The Builder's Playbook

DeFi: Grayscale's Spot Bitcoin ETF success; Biden administration's new US crypto tax rules

Long Take: Down from $6B to $500MM, better for Better Mortgage to stay private

Fintech: TruStage launches Payment Guard Insurance

Podcast: Deconstructing fintech innovations, valuations, and exit strategies,with Royal Park Partners Managing Partner Aman Behzad

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DeFi:'s revenue is plummeting; Binance.US partner with MoonPay

Long Take: Can Bunq, the $1.9B profitable European neobank, crack US consumer banking?

Fintech: Splitit raising to go private; Securitize acquires Onramp Invest

Podcast: A glimpse into stablecoin Tether and crypto exchange Bitfinex, with CTO Paolo Ardoino

DeFi: Binance launces L2 opBNB to rival Coinbase's Base; BitGo is a unicorn 🦄

Long Take: Launching Generative Ventures, an engaged venture capital fund focused on the machine economy of Fintech, Web3, and AI

Fintech: Wealthtech Endowus' $35MM round; Fasset exchange's 1 million user super app launch

Podcast: How to be a great fintech venture capital investor, with Vintage Investment Partners General Partner Asaf Horesh

DeFi: Fed's novel activities supervision program targets stablecoins, neobanks, crypto clients; risks of PayPal's PYUSD approach

Long Take: The trend behind PayPal's new Paxos stablecoin and acquisition of FundsDLT by $15T AUC Deutsche Börse

Fintech: Petal's $200MM debt facility from Victory Park Capital; Scaling Twitter, Bunq, and Goldman Sachs

Podcast: From gift cards to a global payments network of digital value, with Runa CEO Aron Alexander

DeFi: Flashbots raises at $1B valuation; Animoca invests $30MM in Web3 neobank hi

Long Take: The craft of scaling fintechs beyond their niche -- analyzing Twitter, Bunq, and Goldman Sachs

Fintech: AngelList expands into private equity with acquisition of fintech startup Nova

Podcast: Visa's network-of-networks strategy and vision for Web3 commerce, with Visa Europe's SVP Emma Kerr

DeFi: New UniswapX aggregation protocol and its order-based architecture; RISC Zero, a ZK virtual machine developer, raises $40MM

Building Company Playbook #7: Planning and executing your exit strategy

Fintech: Who will be disrupted by FedNow?; TP24 gets £345MM for SME digital lending

Podcast: How to build an investment fintech with over 3 million members, with Public Founder Leif Abraham

DeFi: Court rules against SEC, tokens are distinct from investment contracts about them; Aave's GHO stablecoin gets only $4MM post launch

Long Take: Growing financial engagement with messaging in Coinbase Wallet, Venmo, and the super apps

Fintech: Collective gets $50MM to build freelancer financial platform; Prolific stress tests AI models with 120,000 people

Podcast: How embedded finance leader Synapse grew to powering 10MM+ consumers, with CEO Sankaet Pathak

DeFi: Gemini's $1.5B lawsuit against Digital Currency Group; $130MM Multichain bridge hack, over $600MM in 2023

Long Take: Starbucks and Nike NFT strategy, with potential for $1B in additional revenue

Office Hours: Let's talk about how to sell into financial institutions

Fintech: Inflection AI raises $1.3B from Microsoft and Nvidia, while ChatGPT traffic drops 10%

Podcast: Revolutionizing Web3 identity with lessons from IBM and Amazon

DeFi: Polygon 2.0 looks a lot like the "Internet of Blockchains" again; Mastercard's smart contract app store

Long Take: The Chaos underneath Prime Trust's failure and $3B of TrueUSD

Fintech: Visa's $1B acquisition of Pismo, the LatAm core banking and cards platform

Podcast: Using macroeconomic and fundamental analysis to understand crypto markets, with Arca CIO Jeff Dorman

DeFi: SEC war on stablecoins and TUSD Prime Trust troubles; Mythical Games raises another $37MM for GameFi

Long Take: What actually matters about the Bitcoin ETF

Fintech: Robinhood acquires X1 smart credit card company at discount; $500MM+ AUM Alternativ's digital RIA strategy

Podcast: From mobile credit to autonomous accounting using financial data and AI, with Puzzle CEO Sasha Orloff

DeFi: BlackRock files for Bitcoin ETF testing the SEC; Ethereum restaking goes live with EigenLayer

Building Company Playbook #6: Using token design for financial and product success

Fintech: Apple Cash push into ID and recurring payments; Blackrock Aladdin teams up with Avaloq, no FutureAdvisor mention

Podcast: The role of USDC and tokenized cash in Decentralized Commerce, with Teana Baker-Taylor, Circle VP of Policy and Regulatory Strategy EMEA

DeFi: Uniswap V4 and its new Hooks; Machine learning compute protocol Gensyn raises $43MM

Long Take: Strategic analysis of Apple's mixed reality launch and impact on Fintech & Web3

Fintech: Wealthfront's automated bond portfolios with 5.5% yield; Plaid launches financial identity verification

Podcast: Exploring Stripe's growth in embedded finance, with Stripe Head of Startups for Banking-as-a-Service, Ashwin Kumar

DeFi: SEC charges Binance, founder Changpeng Zhao, and Coinbase for securities violations

Long Take: Revolut's $100MM opportunity cost and faltering profitability without a UK banking license

Fintech: Stripe's new charge card program; JP Morgan building investment AI service; Masttro deploys machine learning on alts data

Podcast: Exploring Nigeria's payments landscape and CBDC eNaira's adoption, with Remita's Alisa Chinedu

DeFi: Wallet-as-a-service provider Magic raises $52MM for enterprise growth; Solana blockchain launches ChatGPT plugin

Long Take: Surviving the recession and understanding low unemployment, RPA, and AI's rising role

Fintech: Venmo launches GenZ cash account competitor; $2B AUA marketplace Zoe Financial goes deeper on wealthtech

Podcast: The success of crypto payment processing in eCommerce, with Triple-A CEO Eric Barbier

DeFi: Ripple's $250MM institutional custody acquisition; Apple lets Web3 NFT games into app store, but at a cost

Long Take: Understanding US government debt default impact on Fintech & Web3

Fintech: Public launches ChatGPT-powered chat within its investment app; Zip gets $100MM for integrated procurement and payment platform

Podcast: Investing in technology platform shifts, from Fintech to Generative AI, with A16z General Partner Anish Acharya

Digital Wealth: Retirement platform Smart raises $95MM for payroll-roboadvisor integration

Long Take: Corporate Raiders of DeFi treasuries attack, starting with Aragon & Rook DAO

Web3: Worldcoin's $100MM raise, as it reaches 1.7MM eyeball scans hashed onchain

Blueprint: Mega banks, including Goldman, launch Canton blockchain network; Prism spins out of Petal card; Liquidity Group gets $40MM for AI business credit

Podcast: Building an $800MM blockchain infrastructure company with Quicknode COO, Jackie Kennedy

Digital Wealth: Orion, a $3T+ wealthtech platform, integrates ChatGPT for advisors

Long Take: Now is the time to learn Generative AI, not after the knowledge worker layoffs

Web3: Curve releases stablecoin, Maker launches lending; ex-Facebook team deploys Sui mainnet, taking on Aptos & 0L

Blueprint: Bitcoin network overwhelmed by Ordinals; 1300 investors crowdfund ESG neobank Green-Got; $80MM for Singaporean mega-fintech Advance Intelligence

Podcast: Value of digital identity in fintech and crypto, with Plaid Head of Identity Alain Meier

Digital Wealth: AI wealthtech Range gets $12MM to replace human advisors with neural nets

Long Take: FDIC consent order vs. $3B banking-as-a-service champion Cross River Bank

Blueprint: First Republic collapses into JPM after $100B outflow; Kakao Pay buying US brokerage Siebert; NFT-backed lending by Blur

Special announcement and invite to join Lex and Fintech Nexus

Podcast: Data aggregation for small businesses across banking, accounting, and commerce, with Codat CTO David Hoare

Digital Wealth: $900B AUM DWS and Galaxy Digital to launch crypto ETPs

Long Take: Combining AI agents, like AutoGPT, with Web3 chains will create self-driving money

Web3: Landmark European crypto MiCA regulation passes; Cosmos-based Berachain memes itself to $42.0MM raise for restaking

Blueprint: ETH staking deposits > withdrawals; Credit fintech Pagaya $75MM for acquisitions; Nigerian AI lending platform Kredete

Podcast: Building a decentralized exchange and appchain for perpetual contracts, with dYdX CEO Antonio Juliano

Digital Wealth: RIA custodian Altruist raises $112MM to battle Schwab and Fidelity

Long Take: Is Apple's Goldman-powered 4.15% yield account the fintech apocalypse?

Web3: Limit order book blockchain Sei raises @$800MM; Avalanche Subnet for T. Rowe Price & Wisdom Tree FX trading

Blueprint: SEC rewriting exchange rules to target DEXes; Musk's super app plans for Twitter and X.AI; Clear Street gets $435MM

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Podcast: Modern Wealthtech for complex balance sheets, with Masttro CEO Padman Perumal

Building Company Playbook #5: Creating your Fintech financial model and raising venture capital

Blueprint: BloombergGPT; $400MM round for DMI Finance; LayerZero valued at $3B

Podcast: The psychology of entrepreneurship and reimagining collaboration behind Web3 analytics, with Flipside Crypto CEO Dave Balter

Digital Wealth: Rathbones acquires Investec UK for £840MM, AUM at £100B+

Long Take: Consolidation logic for fintechs and SPACs, starting with Acorns and GoHenry

Web3: Crypto & AI intersect in $40MM raise for; PancakeSwap upgrades its DEX to V3

Blueprint: Nigeria CBDC 13MM wallets; Card networks to acquire $200B volume tech; StellarFi auto-pay improves credit

Your Opinion Matters -- Feedback on Building Company Playbooks

Digital Wealth: BloombergGPT is an Internet scale financial language model

Podcast: Building a sovereign, privacy-first, programmable, economic infrastructure, with Anoma Co-Founder Christopher Goes

Hype vs. Reality: The impact of Generative AI in financial services on jobs, investing, and services

Web3: Tinder for NFTs; MetaMask institutional staking; DeFi asset management on Cosmos

Blueprint: eToro valued at $3.5B, no $10B SPAC; Polygon & Immutable GameFi zkEVM network; $270MM for Southeast Asian BNPL Kredivo

Podcast: Predicting the market using a machine learning competition built on a decentralized science platform, with CrunchDAO CEO Arnaud Castillo

Digital Wealth: Private equity tokenized by Securitize, accessed via Onramp

Deep Dive: Can Klarna, the BNPL category creator, rise to its market challenge?

Web3: Using Chat-GPT prompts to create Oncyber metaverse worlds connected to crypto assets

Blueprint: Credit Suisse sold to UBS for $3.2B wiping out billions in equity and debt; Stripe raises $6.5B @$50B; Euler Finance exploited for $200MM

Podcast: Diving into Ethereum Restaking and DeFi, with Calvin Liu Chief Strategy Officer of EigenLayer

Digital Wealth: Masttro gets $43MM for UHNW data from FTV & Citi

Long Take: Learning from SVB, Signature, and Silvergate, and unpredictable complex systems

Web3: Coinbase Wallet-as-a-Service; Tornado Cash is back on Optimism; Starbucks Odyssey NFTs sell out in minutes

Blueprint: Silicon Valley Bank deposits including USDC are saved, equity wiped

Podcast: Reinventing the credit card as a Fintech super app

Digital Wealth: How Vise spent $60MM and landed at a "refounding"

Long Take: Why is Silvergate failing in the best time for banks?

Web3: Coinbase asset management with One River Digital acquisition; Uniswap wallet blocked by Apple; ERC-4337 Smart Accounts

Blueprint: Railsbank in a fire sale; Scroll zkEVM live on testnet; Paytech Pagos gets $34MM

Podcast: Modern spend management systems for CFOs and employees, with Payhawk CEO Hristo Borisov

Digital Wealth: Santander using SigFig to launch roboadvisor PathFinder

Building Company Playbook #4: Building Fintech & DeFi software products

Web3: Deep dive on Ordinals, the Bitcoin NFT Wave

Blueprint: Coinbase launching own L2 network; Klarna winning US market; Uniswap NFT aggregation

Podcast: How DAOs and Web3 organizations scale financial operations, with Utopia Labs CEO Kaito Cunningham

Digital Wealth: Euronext bids €5.5B for B2B Allfunds investment platform

Long Take: What should we do with a psychotic AI in finance?

Web3: Tokenized US treasuries DeFi yield; $450MM Blur token airdrop; Polygon mainnet zkEVM launch

Blueprint: $100MM for SME neobank Aspire; Optimism / Lido yield farms; NatWest buying into digital pensions for $174MM

Podcast: Integrating smartphone behavioural data to manage credit risk and fraud, with Credolab CSO Michele Tucci

Digital Wealth: Canoe Intelligence gets $25MM for AI approach to Alternatives data

Long Take: Why is FIS spinning out Worldpay after 4 years and a $17B writedown?

Web3: SEC targets staking and stablecoins; Binance adds Zk-Snarks to Proof-of-Reserves; Brazil oldest bank powers crypto tax payments

Blueprint: Tazapay payments in 170 markets; GHO stablecoin on testnet as BUSD halts; Lithuania tightens fintech supervision

Podcast: Creating a B2C fintech marketing strategy

Digital Wealth: Conquest, an AI financial planner, raises $24MM

Building Company Playbook #3: Creating a B2B fintech go-to-market strategy

Web3: Trading crypto exchange bankruptcy options/tokens; Optimism's new architecture; Ethereum Shanghai and liquid staking

Blueprint: Marqeta buys Power Finance for $275MM; EigenLayer raising $50MM for restaking; Moov paytech raises $45MM

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Podcast: Software contracts and composability unlocking economic growth, with Agoric CEO Dean Tribble

Digital Wealth: BlackRock partners with neobroker Bux for European ETF growth

Long Take: Custodia rejected from Federal Reserve membership, Silvergate & Signature borrow billions to survive

Web3: Solana phone dApp Store; Rollup wars wars on Twitter; Magic Eden taking on OpenSea on Polygon

Blueprint: Web3 infra QuickNode raises $60MM @ $800MM; Stripe needs to go public; Moody’s rates 20 stablecoins

Podcast: Powering the AI revolution from DeepDream to Dall-E, with Lambda Labs CEO Stephen Balaban

Podcast: Powering the AI revolution from DeepDream to Dall-E, with Lambda Labs CEO Stephen Balaban

Digital Wealth: $1.5T FNZ gets into fixed income fintech by buying YieldX

Long Take: What do Jamie Dimon and Yifan He (Red Date Tech) accuse of being a Ponzi, and Why?

Web3: EY & Polygon enterprise rollups; new NFT smart contracts features; $22MM for Nil Foundation ZK Proofs

Blueprint: $1B valuation for MEV project Flashbots; $30MM to Link to avoid interchange fees; L'Oréal digital makeup NFTs

A new Blueprint for digital art, technology, and artificial intelligence

Podcast: Combining payments infrastructure for merchants, digital lending, and DeFi, with Stronghold CEO Sean Bennett

Digital Wealth: $130B Alts manager Blue Owl selling through iCapital and Allfunds

Long Take: JPM's frank $175MM M&A mistake and the dangers of synthetic humans

Web3: ConsenSys zkEVM rollup; Amazon and Avalanche partner to boost subnets; Gitcoin's crowdfunding protocol

Blueprint: MetaMask's Ethereum staking; Goldman's $3B fintech losses; Fidelity acquires Carta competitor

Podcast: The $100B fintech custodian powering digital investing, with CEO of Apex Bill Capuzzi

Digital Wealth: Impact of Betterment's new $48/year minimum fee

Building Company Playbook #2: Creating a B2C fintech marketing strategy

Web3: Quantum computing danger to blockchain encryption; Shopify NFT integration and marketplace; Cake DeFi proof-of-reserves

Blueprint: 2023's bold start -- Wyre shuts down; Jack Ma out of Ant Group; Genesis on verge of bankruptcy

Podcast: The Fintech Blueprint guide to designing your 2023 business model

Digital Wealth: Trouble at Masterworks, the art investment platform, which bought $475MM of art in 2022

Building Company Playbook #1: How to design your Fintech business model

Blueprint: $200MM for Asian Fintech Akulaku; China’s digital asset marketplace; Lido leads in TVL